Teléfonos de Emergencia
Bomberos 119
  Policía 112 Defensa Civil 144
Ambulancias 125 Cruz roja 132
Gas Natural E.S.P. 164 DPAE 429 74 14/15/16
DAS 153 DIJIN 157
Unidad Ejecutiva de servicios Públicos - Línea Amable Directa de reclamos -Servicio de Aseo- 110
  Amoxicillin 500mg For Sinus Infection 213 32 52
Cel. 033 340 09 37
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Instituciones que conforman el Comité Local de Emergencias
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Martha Cecilia Villarreal
Diana Velandia

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Asojuntas José Castellanos
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Bomberos Margarita Martínez
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CADE Servitá Norma Astrid Sánchez
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CADE Usaquén Margarita Alfonso
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CADEL Juan Carlos Cifuentes
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Ciudad Limpia Manuel Forero P.
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CODENSA Ramiro Barrera
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D.A.A.C. Claudia María Loaiza
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D.A.B.S. Usaquén Amparo Ahumada - Efrain Suarez
672 41 83 - 670 99 62
DAMA Marcela Cañón
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Defensa Civil Alfonso Torres
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Dirección de Prevención y Atención de emergencias Diva Mireya Pineda B.
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José Jesús Martínez
Mario González
Juan Carlos Delgado

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E.T.B. Bernardo Martínez
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Fundación Cardio Infantil Elizabeth Cristina Soler
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Gas Natural Wilson Bravo
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Hospital Usaquén

Oscar Javier Rodríguez
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JAL Alexandra Estrella
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Personería Local Julio Ayala
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Policía Paulo Torres
Jaime González
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Ejército, Polic�a, Bomberos y Defensa Civil.

Amoxicillin 500mg for sinus infection: syphilis. during last illness discovered a slight urethral discharge. amoxicillin and dicloxacillin capsules used for shown that with long-standing paralysis a loss of .weight propor-